That Was The Week That Was (well, 3 days)

There was a political satire show on British television in the early 60’s that went by the name in the title above (less the 3 days thing). The title song came into my head as I began to think about what I should write, and I can’t get rid of it. It went: “THAT was the WEEK that WAS, it’s OVER, let it GO” (in the audio version – still not here yet, sorry – of this blog I’ll try to sing it to give you more of an idea of how it went). And that’s sort of my feeling about the past few days in New York City – it’s over, let it go (but perhaps that’s only because I’m feeling so tired). It was a very full few days (and, in case you didn’t know, no Audies this year – all together now… ahhhh!) and though I feel really good about a lot of what’s happening (not least this blog – I’ll get to that later) now I’m home and dazed from the traveling (I’m a wimp) and I have to look ahead as I plan to conclude my recording of The Eustace Diamonds by the beginning of next week.

Monday saw the Audio Publishers Association Conference. An event that takes place every year and, in the past, focused on the business side of the industry: How the last year had been in sales, what publishers could do to help the industry grow. This, generally, not of much interest to the growing number of narrators who have joined the APA and attend the conference for the networking opportunities it offers and the chance to meet fellow narrators (there is no Audio Narrators Association). Now, I don’t know how the publishers felt, but I was certainly aware that there was a much healthier collection of meetings in the narrators track this year than there has been in the past (the meetings through the day are split into ‘publishers’ track and ‘narrators’ track, though there’s no obligation to stick to just one side).

The keynote speaker at the start of the day was Gary Vaynerchuk – a high energy proponent of the use of social networking tools to (as you say in the US) ‘grow’ your business. Now this is, sort of, what I’m doing here. He was very full of the idea of building ‘genuine relationships’ with every client, customer or fan. It happens he has 1.5 million Twitter followers and he’s the only guy to have maxed out his friends limit on Facebook – and I did ask him how he maintained a ‘genuine relationship’ with all of them (I have 130 followers on Twitter – see the link on the right)! I may sound a little cynical, but I’m actually a great believer in the principles he espouses. I want to be as accessible as I can be to the people who listen to my recordings (maintaining limits, of course) because, so far (!), I enjoy this interaction. My wife will confirm that I’m not good at cocktail parties where I don’t know anyone (and no-one knows me) but most of the people who read this blog or follow me on Twitter already know something about me and for some reason I feel more relaxed as I began our ‘relationship’. I’m sure a therapist would have reams to write about this.

Sorry to disappoint, but in order to get things done (like unpacking and eating…) I’m going to pause here and continue with my retelling of the events of the last few days in a day or so. Yes, I wonder if I’ve taken on too much by wanting to keep these things rolling – but I’m confident a balance will be achieved if I keep focused… which I’m having trouble doing right now (must lie down).



Fingers crossed, but I think the audio link below should work!

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