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Under Enemy Colors by S. Thomas Russell

From AudioFile Magazine:UNDER ENEMY COLORS is a triumph. Set aboard a frigate at sea off the coast of France at the height of British naval power, this gripping novel combines a simple war story with a tale of infuriating office politics, cowardly leadership, and one man’s struggle to remain loyal to his king, an inept […]

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The Prestige by Christopher Priest

From AudioFile Magazine: Priest’s remarkable novel won the World Fantasy Award in 1996. Now it’s been produced as an audiobook every bit as remarkable. Simon Vance provides the voices of two late-nineteenth-century warring professional stage magicians: Alfred Borden and Rupert Angier. The entire novel is told through journal entries by these two prestidigitators. Hearing Vance […]

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The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason

While the critics may have said that this was an admirable while sometimes slow moving debut novel by Daniel Mason, I personally found it a very enjoyable read. It was probably one of the last books I recorded using my ‘nom-de-voix’ of ‘Richard Matthews’.From AudioFile Magazine:Daniel Mason combines Britain’s attempt at pacification of the Shan […]

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Dead Ground by Gerald Seymour

From AudioFile Magazine:Robert Whitfield superbly performs this exciting spy novel whose action takes place in post-Cold War Europe. The plot centers around a woman’s expedition to destroy an ex-East German secret police official who years ago murdered her lover, a young agent. But on an even more interesting level, the book portrays the struggle of […]

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The Food of the Gods by H. G. Wells

From AudioFile Magazine:H.G. Wells’s tale of the end of the world as we know it is an entertaining fable, in which lawyers and politicians battle giant animals and giant humans before an inevitable military confrontation. Robert Whitfield gives a merry air to the adventure, creating just the right attitudes for each of the many characters […]

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Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens

From AudioFile Magazine:Why do we never tire of Dickens? Isn’t it because of his characters and their crazy worlds? Science fiction was never so strange! Reader Robert Whitfield catches this zaniness and infects us with it. Whitfield is at once the delicate and sensitive heroine, Little Dorrit, as she humors the illusions of her father; […]

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Dracula by Bram Stoker

From AudioFile Magazine: The world’s best-known vampire story comes to life in this expert performance by Robert Whitfield. No music, no special audio tricks detract from the chilling, gruesome tale of the un-dead. Whitfield’s minimalist narration suits perfectly. His subtle shading of voice gives complete personality and motivation to each of the eight protagonists, with […]

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