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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

From AudioFile magazine:This classic about young Pip’s aspirations to become a gentleman and wed Estella and fate’s different designs for him is familiar to many as a television drama and a movie. Simon Vance brings a whole new dimension to the story as he imbues each character with a unique voice, and with exquisite diction […]

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

From AudioFile Magazine: One of the most famous of the original nineteenth-century gothic horror novels, this story follows glamorous and youthful Dorian Gray, who becomes corrupted by the fear of his own mortality. Soon, he discovers that while his portrait may age, he will not, a knowledge that leads to his ultimate downfall. Simon Vance’s […]

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2008 Audies – Can’t take all the credit

This was my second Audie win and I was more than happy to share the honors with an excellent team of narrators: Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy and Euan Morton amongst others. Had ‘The Terror’ been victorious that would not have been entirely due to my narration either as it was nominated for best abridgment (one […]

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The Terror by Dan Simmons

From AudioFile magazine:A blistering winter voyage, complete with scurvy, starvation, and thrilling adventure, is the focus of this powerful and beautifully realized tale of exploration on the high seas. Simmons’s writing is so vivid that narrator Simon Vance need only deliver the material with a clear and firm reading to capture the interest of listeners. […]

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Dune by Frank Herbert

From AudioFile magazine:This full-cast performance, augmented by sound effects and music, does justice to a classic of the science fiction genre. Dune, a complex tale of greed, the quest for power, and the indomitable human spirit, follows the development of young Paul Atreides into the messianic Muad’Dib. Euan Morton imbues Paul with an effective mix […]

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2007 Audies – Two Excellent Books

This year I was very proud of the two books I had in the running. I loved recording The Prestige – on which the film made this year was based, and The Warden was the first of the Barsetshire series by Trollope which has been a great favorite with listeners.

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The Prestige by Christopher Priest

From AudioFile Magazine: Priest’s remarkable novel won the World Fantasy Award in 1996. Now it’s been produced as an audiobook every bit as remarkable. Simon Vance provides the voices of two late-nineteenth-century warring professional stage magicians: Alfred Borden and Rupert Angier. The entire novel is told through journal entries by these two prestidigitators. Hearing Vance […]

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The Warden by Anthony Trollope

From AudioFile Magazine: The incomparable Simon Vance parses Anthony Trollope’s famously circumlocutory, phrase-filled style with aplomb in this first of the Barsetshire novels. In it, we follow Mr. Harding, the kindhearted warden of an old men’s poorhouse, who is caught between his ambitious, conservative son-in-law and a reform-minded young man who wants to become his […]

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2006 Audies – Best year to date

This is the last year when I recorded using the ‘Richard Matthews’ name that had been associated up till now with everything I had done for Books-on-Tape/Random House

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Market Forces by Richard K.Morgan

From AudioFile Magazine: In this bizarre tale of the near future, the world has devolved into a Mad Max horror show in which businessmen are required to kill their competition. Simon Vance could have taken this story line either too seriously or too lightly but instead performs the work with the perfect amount of flexibility […]

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