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I’m naming names…

First of all I must apologize to anyone who has been expecting me to update this blog regularly. I was keeping a pretty good pace until this last week or so, and then a break in Maine and a couple of rather difficult books (or, at least, ones that required more prep work than others) […]

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I am shameless, absolutely shameless…

Oh, not at first, of course, you’ll have to read to the bottom to find out how shameless I can be – I get nothing extra for promoting the following: The thing is, have finally released the four volumes in the series by Anthony Powell:  ‘A Dance to the Music of Time’.  Each of […]

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Who ARE these guys?

The glimpse you get above is of two gentlemen I call my very best, least met with, friends… Let me explain:  To do so I must take you back in time.  I have in the past referred to my recording booth as a time machine (or ‘TARDIS’ for Doctor Who fans, amongst which I number […]

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That’s a great word to play with… “Abundance”! There was a BBC radio comedy sketch many years ago in which a man (John Cleese was the man) was demonstrating, in court for some reason, that if you say any word often enough it’ll become ‘funny’.  In that instance the word was ‘teapot’.  Today for me […]

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Stieg Larsson – His Part In My Success…

The fact is, I don’t really remember how it happened. I can’t find an email suggesting it, so I think it must have been a phone call in June of 2008 – almost exactly 2 years ago.  Dan Musselman – the ‘man’ at Books on Tape – probably called me and said something like: ‘Hey, […]

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Life is Good (a Father’s day blog)

Some weekends resolve themselves so pleasantly it’s awe-inspiring. We (Dad, step-mom, two boys) have, for several years, been taking off on Father’s day weekend for a campground near Ashland, Oregon for my annual bacon eating ritual. Well, several other things as well including the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but it’s the bacon that I enjoy the […]

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Experimenting with drugs

Shortly after we moved house I received an email from an admirer of my narration saying ‘I know where you live’… Obviously my mind turned toward the possibility that I had earned my first stalker. Wow, am I that well known? I was so impressed I asked the alleged stalker to our house warming party […]

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Do you know the way to San Jose?

Fortunately I had my GPS with me so I had no trouble at all… I was heading south (I live inland from San Francisco) because I had been invited to make an appearance at All Ears Audiobooks on Saturday last for an event they termed ‘An Evening with Simon Vance’ (though, in keeping with my […]

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Boldly going where I haven’t gone before

June is Audiobook month!  But then if you found my website and have an interest in audiobooks you probably already know that. I’m a Twitterer, or Tweeter or Twittifier…or whatever, and of course a large number of the people I follow are audiobook professionals.  I can’t tell you how many times the fact that it […]

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Oh, by the way, I lied… (cont’d from Wed.)

It wasn’t three days I spent in New York City, it was more like two and a half. That may seem like a minor error, but you can’t get away with anything these days and I know I’d pay for that error somewhere down the line (Oh, that Vance – he’s so prone to exaggeration). […]

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