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Not a good day…

Boy, when things go wonky, they really go wonky! Good start to the day, though I didn’t sleep so well. Brain buzzing with ideas for these blogs and also working in my mind on the project for this week’s acting class. Plus we were at this ‘pot-luck’ early yesterday evening and you know what it’s […]

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I’m Exposing Myself

Into my second week of this writing challenge and… it’s a challenge. So it’s well named. If you’re new here I’m writing something every day for 30 days and this is day 9. I was going to say that I doubted people would be joining at this late stage but I don’t know that for […]

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Seasoning my Writing

Started another book today. It’s a fictional novel set in Russian-occupied China in 1904. There were lots of Russian pronunciations to wait for so I’ve had this book waiting around for a few weeks and have had time to read it all the way through. It’s only about 10 hours long, so by starting today […]

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That’s a Wrap!

Let us honor the passing of a friend… So much is said (in the circles I move in anyway) about the time before a narrator begins to record a book. There are as many ways to prepare a book as there are narrators recording. I can fairly say I rarely prep a book the same […]

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Quick, Quick…write now, NOW!

Once I committed to this challenge of writing for 30 days straight (that’s what this is all about: #6 of 30) I knew there would be difficult days. I knew Thursday would probably be more difficult than most. It’s been taking me anywhere between 60-90 minutes or more from starting to posting one of these […]

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A Near-Death Learning Experience

Woke up fresh this morning but everything gets a bit jumbled by this time of day (5pm). It’s hard to maintain clarity. I have been known to meditate from time to time (I once went for nearly 6 months meditating every day – that was last year as we were preparing to sell our previous […]

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It all feels rather strange…

I’m one of those actors who tends to absorb rather too much about the character or the circumstances of the piece they’re working on. Yesterday I mentioned I was now in the middle of Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled… and it’s slightly disturbing. There’s an element of madness in it. I’ve seen the novel described in […]

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Uncomplicating the complications

This is going to be very interesting. Writing over the weekend was okay; although I was recording for a couple of hours a day it seemed rather easy to find the time to write (it’s taken about an hour each time from start to finish, so far). But I’m concerned about the coming week. I […]

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I’m already facing an interesting challenge that requires me to develop better work practices… Hmmm… “better work practices”. How about developing any work practices! It may come as a revelation that I’m actually a very casual ‘worker’. I don’t do well with ‘structures’ and I hate dogma. You know the kind of thing: There is […]

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Hey, Ho! Here we go…

Well, well, well. It’s been a while since I put pen to paper in this grand cause of blogging (or two clumsy fingers to computer keyboard, to be more precise). People with a long memory may recall that for a while I had as my by-line up above “Audibook narrator, actor, and blogger” – I’ve allowed the blogger bit to fall by the wayside over the last few years (which is why I removed it). Well… I’m back!

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