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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

[Spoiler Alert: There is no ugly and the bad turned out okay in the end] The Good: And this is really good! I woke to the news this morning that Audible, as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations, have announced the creation of a Narrators’ Hall of Fame. And one of the 20 (plus 1) […]

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It’s going to be a whimper, not a bang – sorry!

The penultimate post in my ‘write something everyday for thirty days’ challenge. It’s here… Whatcha got, Simon? Okay, here’s the thing: It would have been really good to have known exactly when I approached ‘the end’ and scheduled extra time on these two days so that when we got here I could craft a couple […]

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It’s Good to Cry

I am one big softie. In tears this morning…but I think I had it coming. It all started yesterday (blurry wavy line transition into the past) Finished another book in the studio. Although this was one of ‘those’ fantasies it was still the third book and the end of the series, and found the hero […]

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The Social Notwork

Boy, Facebook… what are you gonna do? Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Well, that’s not true. For someone like myself who works from home it is an excellent way of staying a part of the community of narrators and other contacts at large… so I’m going to live with it. Sometimes I […]

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Mum! (she hates when I call her that)

It’s my mother’s birthday today. Given how old I am, you can imagine she’s no spring chicken (spoiler alert: she’s 89). She’s the person I have known longest and, surprisingly, there is no one alive in the world who has known me longer… (and I think she still likes me). It feels bittersweet to write […]

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A-whats? Oh. – Why, thank you!

This morning, in my drowsy state just before jumping out of bed…or, more accurately, crawling, I thought that I had an angle on writing about ‘awards’. But now that I come to sit down and write something concrete I honestly can’t remember what that angle was going to be. But why should that stop me […]

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This is what I do

This is the final stretch for this 30 day writing challenge, the last seven days. It hasn’t always been easy and some days have been downright hard, but it’s been an experience. Let’s see what happens as I drag myself towards the finish line. Incidentally the last blog in this series will be on Sunday… […]

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What were we thinking?

Yesterday took an interesting turn after I wrote the blog inspired by Veteran’s Day. I spent more than two hours on it, which is much longer than usual. I would have loved to spend even more time on it but I knew by then that my mind needed a break. Under ordinary circumstances I would […]

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That time of the century…

Today, as I write, it’s Veterans Day here in the US. In the UK tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday, which commemorates the agreement to end fighting during the First World War in 1918. 99 years past. The Great War. The war to end all wars… Well that didn’t work out, did it? I don’t mean to […]

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Nothing to see here… or is there?

Hi… I’ve just sat down with less than an hour to go before I should be preparing to leave for tonight’s event with the author Mira Bartók (the book tour for her novel The Wonderling reaches Book Soup in Los Angeles and she’s asked me to read) and I have no idea what to say. […]

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